2014: Reading Challenges

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So, 2014 is over and I’m sure you are just dying to know how I did on the two challenges I signed up for, right? Yeah, well, I succeeded at neither, but overall, I didn’t do too badly (especially considering that by the time I lost sight of this blog, I also lost sight of working towards these challenges).

The goal of the Alphabet Soup Reading Challenge is the same for all participants: to read at least one book whose title starts with each letter of the alphabet (dropping the beginning ‘A’ or ‘The’ from the title). The only exceptions are for Q, X and Z, and in those cases, the title need only contain that letter. Somehow, I missed J, K, O, U, X and Y.

Percentage rate of completion: 76.9%

Final Grade: a solid C

Not a horrible first effort, but I’ll focus more this time around (and yeah, I’m doing it again). If you want to see my actual results, click on the link below.

2014 Alphabet Soup Reading Challenge

The second challenge I committed myself to was the Chunkster Challenge. The goal is really simple: read books over 450 pages, the number of which is completely determined by the participant (me!). I aimed for 15 and managed 10.

Percentage rate of completion: 66.6%

Final Grade: a paltry D

This is quite dismal really. Lesson learned? I overcommitted myself, and apparently I’m still afraid to pick up larger books for fear of losing sight of my overall book count goal. But as I posted recently, I’m very focused on tackling some longer books that have been at the top of my list for quite some time, and have given myself a lower overall book count goal to allow for that. 2015 might be equivalent to 2014, but it won’t be worse.

Actual results via the link below.

2014 Chunkster Challenge


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