Review: The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin


May 7, 2015 by madbooklove

Title: The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer
Author: Michelle Hodkin
Pages: 456
Genre: YA, Fantasy, Paranormal
Source: Owned Paperback

Rating: A

Summary: After a horrible tragedy that took the lives of three of her friends and left her alive, Mara wakes up with no memory of the events. To ease her PTSD symptoms, her family packs up and relocates to Florida, away from everything that reminds of her of all she’s lost.

Almost immediately, Mara meets a boy she knows she should avoid, and things start getting worse. She’s certain she’s losing her mind and nothing seems to make sense anymore. Is she going crazy?

Review: One of the things I loved most about this book is that it took me by surprise. There are a lot of questions along the way, and I kept thinking I knew the answer, but I was wrong at almost every turn. Is it your typical YA paranormal romance with the relationship that seems like it shouldn’t be, but is meant to be? Yes. Yes, it is. And the connection between the two main characters is palpable, even to a 39 year old mother of four. Maybe it’s stereotypical. I don’t care. I loved them. LOVED them!

As for the story outside of their relationship, it’s intriguing and mysterious and unexpected and a bit of a rollercoaster. And I loved the ride!

I am so, so glad this is a trilogy because, after 456 pages, I was left wanting more – more Mara and Noah, more answers, more everything. While the ending left me a little disappointed, I have faith that things will turn around, and I am eager, eager, eager to jump into the next book – which I conveniently happen to have ready and waiting.

As far as YA goes, this is by far my favorite book this year. If you love YA and love paranormal, this is a must read.



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